Liquid Curves Body Plumping Spray

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Liquid Curves Body Plumping Spray

Tighten, Firm, & Boost Natural Curves!

Liquid Curves is the perfect body spray infused with ingredients like natural plant stem cells, plant estriol, herbal extracts, collagen, and vitamin C to promote the formation of new fat-tissue growth.

Made in Brazil, the Liquid Curves (booster) spray promotes natural butt-enhancement by stimulating the production of new fat tissue and collagen. If you're concerned with the loss of volume at your hips, thighs, bust, or buttocks the booster spray may assist you with achieving plumpness and even firmness in 6-8 weeks. Our Liquid Curves booster spray is a holistic approach to body fat stimulation is not an immediate overnight treatment. Results may take time approximately 1-3 months. Individual results do vary from person to person. With continued use, this product may help you achieve the natural and fuller body curves.

Main Ingredients: Aloe, Vitamin C, Moriche Palm, Soy, Cranberry Extract
Application Instructions: Apply to the body (bust, hips, & buttocks) once a week preferably on Sundays for at least 60-90 days.

Read our disclaimer:
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
*Females should be 17 years of age or old to use the product.
*Do not use if you're pregnant or nursing without first obtaining medical consent.